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Our specialty is Music Education with a focus in Piano Lessons

We believe in a different approach to piano lessons. Our piano teachers believe that every student is in a different place and has different needs. Carter’s Music Corner is devoted to meeting our students needs and taking approaches that fit the student best for a more customized private piano lesson.

Our Piano teachers in Birmingham are all about making sure our students learn in the best way possible.

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Our Focus

Student Success

We want to see every student succeed both in our piano lessons and outside of them. We understand that everyone is different and that everyone learns differently. Some students prefer our travel piano lessons in Birmingham and others prefer piano lessons in our home studio. Some students learn proper technique and how to practice through visual and aural learning, while others might learn kinesthetically through different activities at and away from the piano. This might even include practicing rhythms on hand drums! We make sure that every student has a chance to learn the best way for them.

Ease for Parents

At Carter’s Music Corner, we get it. It’s hard to remember lesson times, especially when things like sick kids and emergencies happen when you have a commitment for lessons. That is why we have also made sure not to lose focus of the parents. They are in this along with their students, and we want to make it as easy as possible. We provide make up lessons because we think it is important to accommodate illnesses, emergencies, and just normal vacations. We also have software that makes your life just a little easier by sending you email and text reminders for lessons, storing digital sheet music, logging practice times, and send lesson notes for both you and the student. The best part? It’s all included in your piano lessons price!


Performances are a very important element to success with any instrument. We find that students become more comfortable and confident in their abilities when they perform. These performances can be for family members, school events, or our recitals. We love recitals! They are a great time for meeting families and having fun. We want our students’ performances to be their time to shine, so we promote playing pieces they enjoy and inviting family to come share in their moment.

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