Piano Lessons Birmingham AL

At Carter’s Music Corner, we currently offer in home lessons and studio lessons. We believe that meeting our students where they are in music is the best and most comfortable way to learn. This means if you prefer coming to us, you can. If you want us to come to you, not a problem. We can even bring a piano to the lesson. If you are brand new or need a refresher, we look forward to walking the path of learning with you.

In Home Piano Lessons Birmingham

If your preferred learning environment is in your own home, we will come to you! Our job as teachers is to make sure we are promoting a good education that meets the needs of every student. For this reason, we have a program to teach in your home. This is the main method we recommend for families, especially those who homeschool. The other great news is if you have a piano to practice regularly on somewhere else, like your church or grandma’s house, but do not have a piano in the home for in-home lessons, we can bring a piano with us!

Studio Piano Lessons

We know that some people do not prefer to take lessons at home. No worries! We offer lessons in our own home studio, and we are ready to promote a comfortable learning environment for you to explore the world of music.

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