15 #MusicHumor Tweets to Get You Through this Week

I love music humor! They say that laughter is the best medicine. In this social media centric world we live in we can find a little bit of humor everywhere! You don’t have to go very far to find the latest funny cat video or trending memes.  Which means that … Read More

Obstacles Students Face in Piano Lessons

It can be really discouraging to students when they face obstacles in studying piano. Let’s face it, learning to play an instrument can be very difficult! There’s a lot of time and energy involved, and many times there are things that can get in the way of progress. But, it … Read More

Questions Parents Should Ask about Practicing

There are a lot of questions that parents should ask their teacher when their child is taking piano lessons. Particularly, when it comes to helping their student’s practice at home. Here are a few questions about practicing that you should consider asking your child’s teacher: How long should my child … Read More

What is it about music that moves us?

What is it about music that moves us? This is the age-old question. Certainly, music speaks to hearts the way that nothing else does. It has the ability to change lives. Isn’t that interesting? Something that is just calculated sounds projected through different objects has the capability of completely changing … Read More

3 Basic Things Students Forget

When a student begins lessons, there are many basic fundamentals that they learn.  These things set the foundation for a life-long adventure with the piano. While some basic things are easily remembered by students, sometimes it is very helpful to be reminded of basic, fundamental things. Here are 3 basic … Read More

Digital and Acoustic Pianos: Which One Do I Buy? Part 2

You’ve decided that you would like to get an acoustic piano for your child!  I think this is a GREAT decision! Buying an acoustic piano is different from a digital piano, that’s for sure!  Although you certainly need to still consider the three questions we asked in Part 1, there … Read More

Digital and Acoustic Pianos: Which One Do I Buy? Part 1

So, your child is taking piano lessons, and now you need to buy them an acoustic or digital instrument to practice on? Great!  They will be so excited! But, I know that there are always questions and concerns about investing in a new piano.  They can take up a lot … Read More

Away from the Piano? Students Can Still Practice!

There are many reasons why a pianist may need to practice away from the piano.  One may be that they are traveling and are unable to have access to an instrument.  If a student is in the process of moving or on vacation, having other ways to practice during these … Read More

Quick Guide: Learning Styles

Learning styles. Do you know which one your child prefers? You should!  As a matter of fact, all students need to know their learning styles, too! According to Dictionary.com, a learning style is “an individual’s mode of gaining knowledge, esp. a preferred or best method.” There are three different learning … Read More

I Put a Spell on You: Emotion in Music

Humans are emotional beings, and somehow music stirs up emotion within us. There is something about the combination of the elements of music (i.e. rhythm, harmony, melody, texture, etc.) that creates an amazing avenue of expression for us.  So, how does it all work? What if we could easily unlock … Read More

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